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Originally Posted by bozak911 View Post
I've made this point before on FRB, but there is a big demographic difference between hockey fans and the other sports.

First major difference is the combination of education and affluence. Hockey fans tend to be more educated, which leads to having a higher median income. If FRB wasn't completely borqued on this computer... I'd do an archive search. Nevermind, found it.

Anecdotally, I can tell you that I have had conversations with basketball fans who trashed hockey to me. They did this without knowing that I was a hockey fan. I asked them, politely, what attracts them to basketball and what turns them off to hockey.

The typical conclusion, after being pushed, is that they just donít understand the game. What is icing? What is offsides? Why is it so hard to put the puck in the net?

The saddest part is, that one guy argued with me about the skill that basketball requires is greater than that of hockey. His points were all about how a great basketball player understands the fundamental differences in how the ball will travel based on spins and angles.

I asked him to do a velocity differential based on a deflection off of the boards to hit a moving target, using a counter clockwise spinning puck while having thin blades of metal strapped on his feet.
I've also heard the "lack or scoring" BS about not getting into it. That doesn't make a ton of sense considering the most popular sport on the planet in European Football and how many times I've seen an exciting and great game in EPL close in a nil-nil tie or 1-nil or very, very little scoring.

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