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Originally Posted by BrooklynRangersFan View Post
I don't think anyone's suggesting that Redden's attractive for cap floor purposes. If it happens, it would happen in exchange for a (much) more expensive buyout candidate. Wade will be owed peanuts next season (in real dollars) compared to some of the other potential candidates. Saving 8 figures on a buyout would be very attractive, especially to small market owners.

(Of course, one thing we don't yet know is if this is even possible - if I'm not mistaken, under the NBA CBA you could only buy out a player who was on your roster at the time of the CBA signing.)
I only find three players that fit the criteria above (which makes sense)
Wisnewski is owned $27m , Umburger $23m, and Ville Leiono about $23m. If the intention of those teams is to buy the player out next summer, they could trade them for Redden (only owed $13m) and save thmselves significant cash by buying him out instead. From Ranger perspective, if those players don't pan out it's not a big deal as you can buy them out next summer anyway.
Actually, I can see Wisnewski or Umburger fitting in fairly well.

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