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01-07-2013, 12:01 PM
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It's not just this particular incident. I hate the Celtics. I hate Pierce the faker. I hate Garnett the crybaby.

But if you listen to Melo's's always...always, always always about him.

I'm a fan of of players speaking their minds and not being cliche, but sometimes you need to space it out.

Saying "we don't think about them" is BS. You should think about them. You think Peyton Manning or Keith Hernandez ever said "I'm not thinking about my tomorrow game against opponent X....."?

Or Jeter saying "we dont care about the Red Sox". Did Messier ever say "we're not concerned with the Flames" the day before the matchup?

It's BS. Just shut your mouth, give credit where credit is due and deliver on the court without coming across as the pompous ******* that he does game in and game out.

His attitude is very unbecoming of a real leader, especially in this town.

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