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01-07-2013, 12:24 PM
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Originally Posted by SuperUnknown View Post
Buyouts come out of the PA share, if anything, I'd label it an owner win.

A higher cap with a lower floor and no cap on escrow isn't a win or a loss, it just means that there will be less parity in the league (I guess Rangers players rejoice?)

For pensions, the loss was already funded by the owners in the previous CBA, so I fail to see where's the win.

Variance? Well okay star players can get a bit more of front loading but really was it such a big PA issue?

Contract term limits? Once again affects about 10% of the PA (as long as there's a max on contracts)

If the PA didn't try for so long to outmaneuver the NHL by insisting on delinked measures (like a cap on escrow), I really believe the PA could have got this deal or something very close in november (or early december).
Honestly, you haven't taken the time to understand the issues or how they effect individual players.

The PA eroded the owners original position by dragging their feet until their offer was reasonable enough to work off of.

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