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01-07-2013, 12:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
I'm judging the deal on what the known interests of the parties are. That's called reality. I'm not doing it off of opinion, but rather what the sides claim.

And I never claimed that the players won this negotiation. When compared to the last CBA, they lost or held ground on far more issues than they gained ground on. All I'm saying is that compared to the deal offered by the league in October, this deal is far better from the union's perspective. You may disagree that it actually is better from your perspective, but I don't see how someone can dispute that it is from their's.
Because every losing side in every negotiation since the dawn of time comes out and says, "I fought hard and I really valued my right to eat my dirt sandwich cut into quarters with a side of rocks, because I really value sandwiches more when they're cut into quarters, and therefore, good for me."

So listen, the PA may say they got things they wanted, but they were never going to say they didn't. If you want to be objective, you don't just listen to what either side says. You look at the deal itself and count the dollars.

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