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Originally Posted by MPF24 View Post
Yeah it was a nightmare year; as you might imagine difficult to get over. The reason I shared was to stress the importance of just that. I had to move on from my mom's passing and getting dumped and neither seemed possible but dwelling on them was only making worse happen. Of course I didn't just get over them like that; I'm still making sense of my mom's death to this day. I just couldn't wallow in it. I had to change my way of thinking. I couldn't let hockey remind me of my ex because, god bless her rangers loving soul, I'm 1,000,000x the hockey fan she is and it was mine before we shared it; I played it and loved it long before her and will always love it regardless of memories we shared. I couldn't let going hiking remind me of her because, even though we enjoyed it together, that was something mom instilled in me and a gift she'd given me before she passed and I was going to enjoy it and honor her memory, not let it remind me of pain.

Basically you have to start taking things back. Enjoy the memories you have but don't glorify them either. Moreover, get active and share things with new people. Find people to watch the upcoming games with, out at a bar or in a fun social setting. Join a gym or a club. Join a team; hockey, softball, soccer. Whatever you play. You need to meet people who will give you new reasons to get out and meet girls or just make new memories to fill your head and distance you from the ex. Do you play ice hockey at all? Where did you say you live on LI? Plainview?
Near Plainview, in Syosset. That's the ultimate goal. I want to get up to around 165lbs of good weight (at ~145 now) and then hit the ice for the first time in my life. So this coming weekend I plan on hitting the gym with my older brother, if he comes home for the weekend which he normally does, and start getting into a healthy routine. Gym in the morning then work hard during the day to get a career. I want everything to fall into place, but I know I need to work harder to make it happen.

Definitely good advice on trying not to glorify the memories. She's still on that pedestal in my head, and I'd love to knock her off of it.

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