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01-07-2013, 12:33 PM
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I'm sure it would be nothing similar to this but that's best team available:


Biryukov - Nikulin
Kalinin - Medvedev
A. Belov - Chudinov
Denisov - Ryazantsev/Osipov (this team really could use a right hand shot on PP)

Mozyakin - Shipachyov - Radulov
Zherdev - Kuznetsov - Dadonov
Perezhogin- Tereshchenko - Popov
Zaripov - Syomin - Morozov

That's the team which is good on paper but only few of them are locks. For the sake of team chemistry some of the others would be replaced by one of this group: Ryazantsky, Rylov, Gorokhov, Shirokov, S. Kalinin, Gorovikov, Zinovyev, K. Petrov.

I personally would go with:
Mozyakin - Shipachyov - Radulov >> obvious reasons, best players available and I wouldn't want Kuznetsov on the same line with Mozyakin
Zherdev - Tereshchenko - Petrov >> great line for Ak Bars and Zherdev is pretty close to Darzinsh
Popov - Kuznetsov - Perezhogin >> I'd hope this would be something similar to Popov - Malkin - Perezhogin from last year's WC
Kalinin - Syomin - Dadonov >> some PK guys on energy line with really skilled player in Dadonov, might actually work
Gorovikov as 13th forward, experienced veteran, leadership, two-way ability, "glue" player, can play on any line in all situations and good edition for a team which is not very deep down the middle.

Goalies would be as listed above, would take Gorokhov instead of Chudinov (don't really like him) on D as I think he's more useful on a bottom-pairing and I'm bringing right-haded PP specialist anyway.

Endless bashing for cutting Morozov and Zaripov expected

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