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01-07-2013, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by toughfighter83 View Post
we'll probably stuck with bryz until something better comes along, which is not much other there, okay, if you think lav is so great why did he get fired in carolina after his Stanley cup win? usually Stanley cup winning coaches stay on their teams for a long time, you really think he's that great, that this team got killed by devils and bruins two years in a row? both times they looked flat, it's not because of the goaltending, it's because both times they looked flat and outcoached if want goaltending as a scapegoat then wait another 10-20 years until they find a coach that can win it all.

this is why philla never wins nothing because philly loves medicore stuff.
here is a news flash. are you sitting down?
coaches get fired. or they resign. its the nature of the beast. Take a look around the NHL and find me one coach who hasnt been around awhile that hasnt been canned. It happens.
The Flyers werent beating the Bruins when the Bruins won it all. Last year I guess you forgot this team was descimated with injuries. what did we have 11 players go under the knife?
I am sorry the Flyers dont play goon hockey anymore. But this is a fast and tough team that is a playoff team every season. You get into the playoffs anything can happen. Just look at 2010.

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