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Originally Posted by ZenBaja View Post
I bought a pair of K2s last summer, and they are the best inline skates I've ever had.
I paid an extra $10 for the BOA tightening system, and I'm glad I did.
Please don't use fitness skates for hockey, there is not enough support and it is not designed for the type of strides and stop-start pacing.

As others have said, wheels are important as well. If you're playing on a rough outdoor surface, any wheel above and 80A hardness will do. Indoor wheels are softer. Generally the heavier you are, the harder wheel you would want as you are really pushing into them whenever you take a stride. Other members would know better what type of wheels are good, but generally, entry level skates will have harder wheels than higher end ones.

The Vapor fits a little narrower than the Mission and can be compared to the ice boot of the same name. Mission's Inhaler series fit close to Bauer's Supreme boots iirc, so the forefoot will be a little wider and the heel pocket a little rounder with more 'anatomical' ankle padding.

If you are forced to go by shoe size, make sure the shoes you're wearing are true to size, meaning that you do not have excess space in the toe.

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