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Originally Posted by RandyHolt View Post
Yeah you may be right capsman, but every throw is independent of the next. His TD pass to Paulson looked good - yet he had just gotten injured, not yet taped up.

QB's score TD's throwing off the wrong foot, sidearming, across their body etc, they get by on natural ability sometimes. If a QB is wincing as they throw, yeah I fully buy that. QBs seem to work on their technique a lot, and for all his greatness, is a rookie.

He also hit his hand on an helmet, coupled with an aggressive pass defense and no confidence in his knee, and the lamest field I may have ever seen, we are left to guess as fans what caused exactly what on what throw.

Agreed on the deep INT, we did nothing to get that safety out of the way. If we scored there, was the knee healed by Jesus, or was it that he just has a great arm.
If he got the necessary extra 2 yards on it it would have been a 43 yard pass; nobody would have raved about his arm strength. You are correct that every pass is different, and that argument can also be used to explain why the pass to Paulson looked good while others did not. It could be pivoting a little, throwing across the body, etc. that destroys the mechanics due to the injury.

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