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Originally Posted by Vankiller Whale View Post
Don't forget Kulikov isn't signed yet, so it would only be his rights. Let's just say Petrovic, because he's a much better fit for us than Ellerby(RHD with size). And Bertuzzi had a 97 point season just two years before.

But being generous, Versteeg, Petrovic, and Clemmenson is a deal I would do. It actually looks like solid value to me, and fits our needs to a tee.
Yes but Kulikov as a RFA will be signed quickly even if to a 1 yr deal because he has little choice outside of staying in Russia. Regardless, it wouldnt make sense for either team with him involved.

I think you're just trying to fill a need for Vancouver and I'm just looking for a comparable from the previous trade and Petrovic wouldnt be it for Allen. And technically neither would Ellerby but he's a little closer to Allen than Kulikov would be. And Luongo doesnt fill a need for FL technically so its not likely that FL will care what fills the Canucks needs.

Versteeg was just signed to a 4 yr deal right before the lockout started so I seriously doubt you see him moved and the Panthers are weakest at RW in the org so that makes it difficult to move him. Fleischmann probably is a closer comparable anyway to Bertuzzi when compared to age & production.
Originally Posted by y2kcanucks View Post
Add Raymond and Matthias and I probably do this. Wouldn't be thrilled, but it addresses our needs:



As I said, Versteeg just signed a new deal so he's probably not available anyway. If you pulled out Versteeg and replaced it with a 1st round pick, I think I would consider that. Only problem is that Matthias is currently injured so probably doesnt help get a deal done now and I wouldnt want to include Shore (in replacement for Matthias) and a 1st rounder in the same deal.

Actually thinking about it more, what if we changed the deal to make more sense for the Panthers salary-wise:



1st rounder in 2013

Petrovic may fill a need for the Canucks but he's closer to being NHL ready and thats what the Panthers need (we'll need to replace Weaver, Kuba, Jovo all within 2 yrs). That 1st rounder could easily get a similar type of d-man for Vancouver. Upshall can play both wing positions and right now is penciled in to the Panthers 2nd line and would make sense to move his salary in the deal. Clemmer gives you a solid backup signed thru next yr for Schneider and more time for Lack to develop. Shore is a top line center in the AHL right now and should be able to fight for a roster spot very soon if not immediately.

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