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01-07-2013, 12:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Crease View Post
We'll use this thread to track confirmed details of the new CBA while we wait for the release of the official document. The BoH mods will update the OP as new/better information comes to light. All general CBA discussion will remain in the sticky'd Lockout thread we currently have up. Feel free to post updates (with sources of course) here and the mods will update this summary in turn.

Salary Cap
Y1: 60M ceiling but teams can spend up to $70.2M, 44M floor
Y2: 64.3M ceiling, 44M floor
Y3 - Y10: Players will receive 50% of HRR. Ceiling may not drop below 64.3M. Cap floor remains 16M below ceiling
No cap on escrow
Cap escalator

7 year max. 8 years if re-signing with same team
Max 35% variance year-over-year
Max 50% variance between lowest year and highest year of contract

Make Whole Provision
Players will receive $300 million in transition payments over three years

Switched to Defined Benefit Plan, paid for out of NHLPA share. Any losses from fund will be covered by NHL share

Teams may not walk away from award unless award is at least 3.5M (Clarke MacArthur Clause)

Revenue Sharing
$200M, increasing with revenue growth
$60M "Industry Growth Fund", funded by NHL and NHLPA over 3 years and replenished as needed

Compliance Buyouts
2 per team, that can be used over the next two off-seasons, counting against players' share of HRR

Salary Retention in Trades
Teams permitted to retain up to $5M in a trade
Max retention of $3M for a single player

Supplemental Discipline
Brendan Shanahan is still the first judge
Appeals for suspensions of 1-5 games will be heard by Gary Bettman
Appeals for suspensions of 6+ games will be heard by neutral third party arbiter

Draft Lottery
All 14 non-playoff teams will have a shot at the #1 overall pick

10 year CBA with opt-out clause for each side that kicks in after Y8
Start of free agency period remains July 1
No decision regarding realignment has yet to be made for this or next season
Olympic participation will be decided by joint NHL-NHLPA committee on a future date outside of CBA framework
Minimum player salary is 525k (2011 rate) but will grow to 750k by Y9 and Y10 of new CBA
No changes to eligibility for salary arbitration or free agency

Nice list from the Business forum of current changes.

Looks like the Avs could stash the compliance buyouts until next offseason if they wanted to save them.

The arbitration ruling is very interesting.

Draft lottery is stupid imo.

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