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01-07-2013, 01:00 PM
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Kreider is going to continue to be snubbed by most people until he can solidify himself as a viable NHL scoring forward. He has plenty of holes in his game, and the idea of an "elite complimentary player" doesn't really hold much water for many people. He's just a guy that thrives when the talent around him improves. Better linemates at BC translated to his first PPG season. Better linemates at the WJC translated into a breakout performance. It's been his MO since he was drafted, but many folks insist that it's a major flaw in his game and there's cause for "concern" despite the fact that he's just a kid who is still developing.

Kreider has made habit of silencing his critics and I see no reason that he won't continue to do so as he grows as a player. Everyone has their "fast guy who never made it" comparison that they like to throw in your face when Kreider's name comes up, but it's just noise. "Let me tell you how the 18 games in the NHL meant squat, it's the 30 games in the AHL that are the real measuring stick!"

Is he biding his time in the AHL? Is he just working on other facets of the game? Is he snake-bitten? Is he a bust? Nothing can be answered after 30 pro games. Nothing. If we used this sample size as the measuring stick, Justin Schultz would be the next Bobby Orr. Let the kid develop for more than a third of a season for crying out loud.

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