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Originally Posted by Laszlo Panaflex View Post
Well, he did overpay Fisher, but then he traded him. I guess you could argue he overpaid Kelly, but if he did, it wasn't a significant overpayment. I can't remember the other contracts he's signed off hand.
Well, if he overpaid Fisher, it was only by a few hundreds K$

I don't think Fisher is overpaid. Sure, his style doesn't make the unanimity but the results are here... 25-25 is very valuable plus all his other tangibles and intanglibles (physical game, defensive game, marketing reasons...) I'm sure Fisher has a pretty big impact in Nashville already

The thing is when he got re-signed, the Sens were just coming out of a SCF and the cap was going up each and every year... Some of those deals looked high in the 1st year but became cheaper and cheaper with each and every year... 2.1 for Chris Kelly is a real bargain... Not only he scores 30-35 pts per season, but he does it without PP time and with a great defensive game and PK. If you look at forwards scoring rankings at even strenght, you might be really surprised and find Chris Kelly up there with star players.

Thinking of players Murray overpaid : Jason Smith was overpaid at 2.6 because his body was "broken", Alex Kovalev was overpaid in his 2nd year with the team because he didn't produce enough and let everyone wanting more... however the team sucked major ballz in 2010-11, so that's why Gonchar looked overpaid as well (and almost everyone on the team too). Gonchar is still a bit overpaid (should be more like 4.5-5.0) but that's what it costs to the Sens if they want to attract big UFAs (Canadian taxes is a factor too)

Originally Posted by Hutz View Post
Kovalev, Kuba, and Phillips.

Not saying I agree, but I've heard the bad contract argument about each of them.
I would love to hear any rationale about Chris Phillips being overpaid at 3.083 per season

The guy plays his heart out every damn game, logs 20+ quality minutes most of the time, is good for 20ish point and score some important goals (he scores = we win), and is really solid on the PK and still very adequate defensively. He only missed 3 games during the last SIX (6) seasons...

Just look around the league and contracts for D-men... Someone saying that Phillips is overpaid really has no idea of what he is talking about

Kuba only looked overpaid in 2010-11, like everyone else. An experienced 2-way 40 pts D-man at 3.7 is not overpaid.

Already talked about Kovalev... surely wasn't overpaid in his first season with the team, he was probably the biggest reason why we made the playoffs in 2009-10 and helping Mike Fisher having a career season, unfortunately he got injured just before the playoffs.

Originally Posted by kilroy View Post
Smarten up about what? And how's that relevant to the original point? Do you want to cut Michalek or Spezza, especially since both are very tradeable if the team really does want to part with them. So, again, there's nobody on the team with an excessively over-valued or long contract that doesn't have value.
Don't worry, I only used your post to open up a discussion, to express a thought... It wasn't really directed to you

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