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Originally Posted by Canadian Guy View Post
THe only way I can go back to the NHL right now (I will be back eventually) would be to void every single contract and get an entire new crop of players.
I have lost all respect for the players, I tried watching the Spengler cup final and could not give a damn. I did not agree with them in 2004 but I could see and appreciate what they were fighting for; I will not cheer on a bunch of idiots who let themselves be strung around by a union that fights for a small minority of players, lies on live national TV and do everything they can to inflict the maximum amount of pain on the other side due to not being able to understand simple economics.

I am a principled man, but that does not mean that all principles are equal. The notion that the union had to hurt the NHL has much as possible to make a point is beyond ridiculous, it's like beating someone up to make a point: I will never stand behind anyone who supports this.
You are not going to get what you want, but you could follow lacrosse until your jangled nerves settle down well enough that you can resume watching hockey.

Lacrosse is a good Canadian game for a good Canadian guy. Besides that, most of the players have day jobs because they really don't make a lot of money. Perhaps you could even learn to like that part too. Could it be a match made in heaven?

I'm not at all interested, but if you're thinking of giving up any Leafs tickets I've heard there's still a very robust demand. Go figure, eh?

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