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Originally Posted by coldsteelonice84 View Post
I fail to see your point. The people going to the games are watching on TV too, perhaps even more because they are invested. IF and it's a big IF, the NHL wants to compensate its fans, it needs to look first and the people with the greatest devotion to the game, the people paying the most. Then trickle down from there, and if there is something left for the couch potato at the end, sure, grease him too.
My point was initially that those watching at home on TV are also generating money for the league, probably in greater numbers than what teams are getting from their season ticket base. The days of pro sports being "gate driven" in terms of revenue are long gone. TV and merchandise revenue make up quite a big amount of their bottom lines.

But this also brings me to another point, in that most people who care enough about hockey to order Center Ice also care enough to buy tickets to see games live, the audiences aren't mutually exclusive. In fact, you're drawing from the same hardcore, non-casual fanbase. In one instance you just have fans who are fans of the local team (usually) vs one that's a fan of someone out of market (usually).

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