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01-07-2013, 01:13 PM
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Originally Posted by gdg9 View Post
Except the whole premise of this thread is that O'Reilly is NOT signed, and WILL NOT sign with COL!!!

Also, no where did I state Bozak is equal to O'Reilly. That's why a top-prospect, plus another decent piece were added to the deal.
All I stated is that their point totals were comparable... the point being Bozak is worth far more than you give credit for.

As for your attempt at a sarcastic counter proposal... if JVR was in the same hypothetical situation (ie. NOT signed and NOT WILLING to sign), that proposal you made probably WOULD be in the ballpark of what to expect!
Not saying I would necesarrily take the exact deal you stated, but it would definitely be in the ballpark of what could be realistically expected.

(Thankfully JVR is signed long-term, so it's a moot point)

Anyway... as the person stated earlier, this thread is going nowhere.

I'm tired of trying to argue and reason with people who clearly don't have the proper reading comprehension to even understand the original purpose of this thread.
It has nothing to do with reading comprehension and everything to do with VALUE. You believe that RoR being an unsigned RFA, lowers his value, when it doesn't. It just DOES NOT. I don't care if that's the ridiculous premise of the thread, it doesn't lower his value.

Let's say the Avs try to sign RoR and it's just not working out. They make him available to all 29 other teams. Do you seriously believe that they won't be able to do better than the horrible, lame-ass offer you proposed?? Because that's what you SAID.
"If you think that value is laughable (as your comment suggests) then you are absolutely dreaming about what you think you will get, given the premise set out in the original post of this thread (remember, the premise is that they can't come to a contract agreement, and ARE going to move him)."
As usual, we receive a take-it-or-leave-it horrible proposal for a bunch of players that you wouldn't mind getting rid of and a "you won't be able to do better than that" comment at the end of it. This isn't new.

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