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01-07-2013, 01:20 PM
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Originally Posted by RandyHolt View Post
Garcon said the field was better than usual. That's worth a good laugh.

So you think the (a) ligament was shot before that injury? heh I hadnt thought of that NBTW. I forgot, I had actually researched LCL-1's and generally found re-injury risk was very low, it just took up to 3 months to heal. So in the first quarter, I thought he re-aggravated the LCL, but let's say he blew out his ACL.

Then scrambling for that shotgun.... grounder, slipped on what was clearly a near smooth surface - dirt - and tore up the more vulnerable PCL, since he had no ACL at that point.

So yeah a triple whammy LCL ACL and PCL is the worst case scenario and explains a year off.

We are facked.

I tend to think the field may have been a factor.

Something to ponder, has a guy with an LCL ACL PCL gone to the podium right aftewards?
Yeah, I bet the ligament (likely ACL) was shot before the big fall. And then when he made that plant, there was nothing to keep the knee from sliding laterally, and it did more damage.

Regarding him being up, walking, around, at the podium, etc., it's perfectly possible to do if you tear multiple ligaments. For the most part, their purpose is to keep the joint stable when planting, pivoting, changing directions, etc. You could walk and stand with a hefty brace.

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