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01-07-2013, 01:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Thesensation19 View Post
He has a point. Its suppose to be a league for the development of junior Canadian players, not Europeans. Hense why they have a limit of foriegn players.

The American players are quite a differ story. Why have franchises in America if you dont expect some to play in the league?

Brings up the question of why the NHL is still called the national hockey league when it consist of 2 nations. And various types of forigeners
Where does it say that the CHL means strictly Canadian junior hockey development? All the CHL suggests is "Canadian Hockey League" which means that the league itself takes place in Canada. It doesn't mean that the system of development is exclusive to Canadians. Otherwise explain to me why the CHL allows for importing players from other countries.

What kind of argument is that...I could easily say the same for NHL...what's the point of Boston Bruins having a franchise if their roster is dominated by Canadians? It makes absolutely no sense. You're implying that we should give franchises out on the basis of discrimination, where American Franchises = Population of American Players, Canadian Franchises = strictly Canadian Players.

Did you consider that maybe other development systems are getting better instead of "HUR DUR 'MURICANS 'EUROCANS GET OFF MY LAWN."

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