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01-07-2013, 01:28 PM
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Originally Posted by dbhislife View Post
steve simmons ‏@simmonssteve on twitter a short while ago:

The truth on Luongo: Until the Florida Panthers inform Canucks they have no interest in him, he won't approve a trade to anywhere else.

MillarWithASave posted it over on the panthers board, but I decided to move it here as well. Its certainly big time news if true, and would all but crush any leverage the Canucks have. If its true, the Canucks have two options assuming the panthers are interested:

1) Trade him to Fla for w/e they are willing to pay.
2) Call his bluff, and hold onto him, which prevents them from spending that money elsewhere.
Does he have any source to say that? I can't imagine Luongo would just tell people that, especially after being very hush-hush and vague about what was going on until now, only to leak it the day before the lockout officially ends.

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