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01-07-2013, 02:29 PM
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I'm still livid about this. I've just been getting increasingly angry since the first snap Griffin took after the 2nd TD. It was really, really clear he shouldn't have been out there. I was swinging between cursing at my TV and panicking every time Morris wasn't handed the ball for the rest of the game. Our offense requires a QB who can move, and RG3 couldn't do that. He couldn't even throw. There was no reason to play him, and this isn't retrospect.

Shanahan says "well, he wanted to play." No, screw that. The players don't decide who plays. The coach does. He blew it badly.

Edit: I HATE that Kyle didn't keep Morris running or rely on him more. He had a bad game...but he's still young, and his dad was busy making a disaster worse. I'll give him a partial pass, but Shanny Senior HAS to know better.

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