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01-07-2013, 01:38 PM
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If RG3 had trouble throwing because of his knee, as most agree is probably true, they are even more neglect for not running Morris more. We were up 14-3!

2 interesting quotes:
It reminded me of the way Dennis Dixon’s knee gave out several years ago at Oregon, when as it turned out he was actually playing with a torn ACL. While we’re not saying or suggesting or hinting or even speculating that Griffin may have been playing with a torn ACL, the circumstances of this situation are sufficiently weird to make us at least wonder whether Griffin’s actual condition was worse than anyone had previously admitted.
“It was horrible,” Carroll told Brock & Salk of ESPN 710. “It’s a horrible field. It’s as bad as a field can get for being dry. And it’s too bad, it’s really too bad. And we deserve better. . . . We deserve better. . . . It just was worn out. And there was a lot of slipping and all that kind of stuff.”

Among those who experienced the bad footing was Seattle defensive end Chris Clemons. His agent blamed Clemons’ knee injury on the “crappy” condition of the turf.

There’s no excuse for anything other than pristine playing conditions at every NFL stadium. The league obsesses over uniformity in every other way. Why not obsess over the quality of the surface on which the game is played?

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