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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
It sounded from the pre-settlement chatter that everybody was kosher with a perpetual cushion for rookie bonuses. They wouldn't count on the cap up front, just get wrapped onto next year's cap in the event that they were realized. So as you say, we probably don't have anything to fear on that front. Probably. But I guess we'll find out, as with a few other key issues, in the next couple days.

The other thing is the trade provisions on salary/cap space. It sounds like there's some mechanism that is going to be revealed that allows teams to trade players while retaining a portion of their salary commitment and/or cap hit. We'll find out the details and amounts on that soon too. Then have to figure those options into our various speculations. Although in our case, I'm not sure it would have much effect... we seem likely to have enough candidates to just go the compliance buyout route painlessly, we don't need to trade anybody and hold onto a cap hit. And then once we do dump those guys, we'll just be comfortably at the cap, not in a position to trade for other players whilst their previous teams hold onto cap space (more like the kind of thing a contender might pay a trade premium for anyway?). It'll be interesting, but compliance buyouts are probably all our team needs for now.
I think if the Habs are finished with Gomez we might be better served to trade him to a team like the NYI for the next year and a half if it ends up we're only going to be charged $2 million per year cap hit or something in that area with the Islanders picking up the rest. That would probably go over better then having Gomez in Hamilton for the rest of the year.

It depends on the details on how the salary sharing thing works out.

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