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Originally Posted by Shaun Bisson View Post
If the Sting lose Gally, they still have to deal with the fact that Brodie Barrick is out for 3-5 more weeks, and JP Anderson is out indefinitely as of right now. Sure the team is winning right now, but to consistently stay at this level for a long period of time without your best player, and goaltending in the shape it is in, would take almost a miracle.

Most of the guys that are the reason for their success to this date will not be back on the team. With Galchenyuk and JP on the team (and healthy), the Sting have the ability to add another top 4 dman, and another top 6 forward and seriously contend for an OHL title this year. If Gally is gone, there are so many other question marks right now that it would make more sense to sell off players and build for the next 2-3 years rather than be content with making the playoffs this year and bowing out after 1 round.
Barrick obviuosly isnt that big of shoes to fill.Rookie doing just fine.Anderson is a concern but resting for the next 3 games anyways and see what goes from there.Not life or death if we win them at this point.2 ways to win games,hard work by all the players or a miracle.

As for 2nd paragraph, i agree with the first statement and not the last.I am growing tired of the let's build for 2-3 years away.Old cliche that never seems to pan out.Happens around the OHL with the same resultsAs a season ticket holder,you tend to loose faith in that 2-3 years ever showing up.If the team only makes the 1st round this year,I for one have enjoyed watching Gali and Goldobin mature and Sarault,what can I say what a treat.

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