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Originally Posted by IceAce View Post
My point was initially that those watching at home on TV are also generating money for the league, probably in greater numbers than what teams are getting from their season ticket base. The days of pro sports being "gate driven" in terms of revenue are long gone. TV and merchandise revenue make up quite a big amount of their bottom lines.
Maybe the days of "gate driven" are long gone for other sports, but not the NHL.

NHL teams derived 47% of their revenues last season from arena revenues controlled by the fan. These include gate receipts, concessions and parking. The other half of revenues hail from media contracts, luxury suites, sponsors and non-hockey events.

Of the major U.S. sports, baseball is the next highest at 46%, but that figure is set to drop with the explosion of local media deals in the sport like the impending Los Angeles Dodgers deal worth more than $6 billion. The corresponding percentages in the NBA and NFL are 34% and 24% respectively. The NHL simply does not have the media rights fee millions (or billions) the other sports possess.

After going 16 years without having an NHL team, I realized that the NHL needs me more than I need them. My life can go on without NHL hockey, but the NHL can't go on without the fans attending the games.
We the fans have the ability to destroy the NHL if we wanted to... just stop going.

Like the thread title says... TRUST ... and right now that trust is waning a bit.

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