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Originally Posted by JS19 View Post
Except the part where the CHL doesn't give a damn who contributes money to Canada. It's not like the CHL is a government entity that only focuses on Canadian citizens. These are teams who want to be better, they don't give a damn where their players come from as long as they are great/good players.

Also, going by your logic, we should be mad at NHLers in the lockout, who haven't even contributed money to European countries, yet they're stealing a European's job when they're playing in the SEL/KHL/etc.
You didn't really come close to properly addressing his point (not that I agree with it).

It's also not as cut and dry acceptable as you'd like to make it out to be in regards to NHLers taking jobs from Europeans. I recall PK Subban stating that he wasn't playing in Europe because he didn't want to take away someone's job when he's already fortunate enough to make NHL money.

The issue with Don Cherry is that you have to have a sort of internal censor. He does have some legitimate points once you cut through a certain amount of nationalistic garbage to get to them. I wish he'd let up a bit, I actually like the dude when he just talks hockey.

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