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Originally Posted by 86Habs View Post
Canada has never won using that approach; in fact, I can't remember if we've ever actually used that approach at the senior or junior level. I'll agree with you that while we don't need a pure, defense-only shutdown line (thinking of guys like Maltby and Draper, 40-point forwards who have made Team Canada in the past), we do need 3-4 forwards who can be looked to to kill penalties, match up effectively against the opposition's best lines, play physical,and have the ability to win key faceoffs. Canada's depth allows us to select players like Toews, Richards, Nash, E. Staal, Bergeron, and probably a few others than can do this, and also present enough of an offensive threat to keep our opponents honest.

Our most effective line from this perspective in 2010 was Toews-Richards-Nash; all three can be used in a "shutdown" role, or can be slotted in on the scoring lines. Versatility is key.
Because Hockey Canada likes to overthink their rosters, not because it doesn't work.

Our depth doesn't "allow" us to take players like Toews, Staal, and Nash: Their talent dictates it.

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