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01-07-2013, 03:36 PM
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Originally Posted by GrigsAndGirgs View Post
Marrone officially being introduced now.

I haven't read any real negative comments about this hire. Most everything I've read has either been "great hire" or "give the Bills credit for trying something different this time, not the same-old...time will tell if it works or not." Schefter on ESPN said that he impressed pretty much every team he interviewed with (Chargers and Browns specifically), and that one of his sources felt Marrone was going to be the best HC out of this year's crop of candidates.

Of course, we'll see what results he can get on the field, but it's hard to be unhappy with this hire. Previous HC experience, previous NFL experience, well regarded and coveted by other teams, and picked Buffalo over those other teams...I'm cautiously optimistic about this hire.

Now we need to get a good DC, resign Byrd, Levitre, and McKelvin (who was serviceable at CB as well as returns), get a good draft, and hopefully this team can show signs of improvement next year.

He says in the presser that he wants to get someone with NFL experience for the defensive side of the ball.
He was the OC for the Saints from 06-08. But we all know Brees ran that show. He was the Jets OL Coach from 02-05. The Jets stunk back then if memory serves.

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