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Originally Posted by solo16 View Post
Smith+Helm would be considered (maybe we throw in a midrange prospect)
Smith+Filppula would be considered (maybe we throw in a midrange prospect)

Smith: Extremely valuable player because of age, skill, experience, and pedigree. 2 firsts. (this will be obvious to everyone within 2 months)
Filppula: Hard to gauge value because his contract is almost up. I tend to Think 1st +3rd.
Helm is worth a low first (hes probably really worth a high 2nd but he is so overvalued and hyped realistically he would only be moved for a 1st).
Sheahan not trading for low value so forget it. He is worth a mid 1st round pick to Detroit. We wont trade him for less because of size and upside-- he is better than his stats indicate (and finally is scoring like a madman in the AHL the last 3 weeks).
Jurco could be had but approximately a 1st round pick for him. (stock is starting to fall)

Myers is not worth approximately Six 1sts in assets (and most of detroit's trade-able assets).

If you ask me Myers is worth about three 1st round picks. Maybe Buffalo would hold out for four. Sproul is not off the table in fact I would perfer you take him over Smith.

Sproul, Filppula, Jurco, 2nd/3rd would be a price I could live with.
You see, the real problem is that Buffalo has no reason to trade Myers. Just to give you an idea of what his value is to the organization: His contract got extended pretty much at the same time as Tavares' at almost the same terms. Whether he is there valuewise right now or not is a different question, but this is the neighbourhood, in which Myers is considered to be.

So even if Detroit was crazy enough to offer all those pieces, it's still doubtful whether a deal would get done, mainly because Buffalo would end up with a lot of what they already have (except for Filppula and Helm) in addition to a big hole on the first pairing.

Players like Myers, if ever, usually only get traded in a one for one trade, where both players involved are roughly on the same tier age and value-wise.

In all likelihood the Buffalo poster just wanted to illustrate that Myers has sky-high value to the Sabres.

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