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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
I'll try my best:

- have the puck at the heel, mid-heel at most
- slightly cup the puck in the shooting motion
- you don't have to use the rocker as much as, say, a P92
- the puck should follow the length of the blade and release near the toe, mid-toe
- this curve isn't open enough that you should choke up on your follow through, neither is it closed enough that you should really open up your blade...somewhere in between?
I did notice I had to adjust in my use of the entire blade with the curve. I found that I was slicing on a lot of shots because I don't cup as much with the P14. but When i did get a good one off it was really nice and true, so with practice it may become my number 1 stick. thanks for the tips!

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