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Originally Posted by 86Habs View Post
Agree completely. The biggest question mark for me at this point is whether Getzlaf can return to his previous form; if he does, and proves that 2011-2012 was an aberration, it'll be hard for Yzerman to leave him off given his performance in 2010 (granted, that was on NHL-sized ice) and his ability to simply take over games when he's "on". I'm not sure who'd I'd chop in that scenario, but I'd probably lean towards Staal. The speed of Hall and Seguin on the wings on the international ice is certainly hard to pass up.
Getzlaf is definitely interesting. If he's back to being over one ppg this year and early next season he will get a long look, and his play in 2010 certainly helps. Still, international ice exacerbates the issue of his skating, and he can't really be expected to play wing at this level. Canada is clearly loaded with centres, even more than in 2010 really, which gives more versatile skaters like Staal a better chance in my opinion.

Originally Posted by WarriorofTime View Post
Only thing that will hurt Canada is if they decide to play politics and bring along elder statesman like Thornton and Iginla who have "paid their dues" over speedier, younger guys who would excel more on the big ice.
True, it is a potential issue. I doubt that there is much love for Thornton, but Iginla will probably be given every opportunity to make the team. If he's still scoring 30+ goals without a centre then it won't be a travesty, but there are probably better options. It will be interesting to see if they are overly loyal to the 2010 guys.

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