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01-07-2013, 03:23 PM
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[QUOTE=New Liskeard;57248175]
Originally Posted by kack zassian View Post
The arguments been beaten to death.

Think he wants to play for 1/6 of his salary and/or ride the bus in the minors instead of playing poker in Florida? He can be waived/traded/bought out all if for some reason he doesnt retire.[/QUOTE]

Do you seriously believe he can be put in the minors? Honestly? I can help you with that, the answer is no, and no meaning the cap hit doesnt go away. Why would a team want to aquire a player with the possibilty of having to buy him out? Doesnt help the cap, and it is real money. Believe it or not, no team is excited about paying money for a player to not play for them.
I guess we agree to disagree.

You think Luongo will play for a million dollars a year and be a minor leaguer
I think he would retire.

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