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Originally Posted by The Last Dynasty View Post
what about that Cervanka guy they signed last year? thought he was their #1 center

either way, the addition of Wideman (garbage defensively), Hudler (skilled, but small and soft) and Cervanka (who knows...could end being a Jiri Dopita clone) doesn't impress me...they're still old

that being said, its a coin flip on who finishes ahead

neither are making the playoffs, so I'll take the Oilers
I have the Flames as a bottom feeder regardless of where the Oilers end up.

With the departure of Jokinen and the addition of Cervenka, the Flames have the undisputed worst centre depth in the NHL IMO. Putting guys like Cammaleri and Tanguay at centre are desperation moves that are very unlikely to pay off a la the Oilers with Smyth and Pisani in the same position years ago.

The Flames usual trump card of size and strong grinding physical play is gone this year. Look at their departures compared to who they added. Jokinen, Moss, Hannan Kostopolous out, Cervenka, Hudler, Baertschi, Wideman in. They are going to be softer, smaller, and will make an attempt to play a skill game, but their centers suck, which makes that style of play difficult.

Look at their team and look at what the Oilers roster looked like prior to the collapse. A rediculous amount of similarities.

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