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06-12-2006, 06:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Empireshark
Why is Quintal such a laughable option other than the fact that he doesn't have a boatload of coaching experience? If you're basing his coaching ability on his playing career you might want to check out Mark Crawfords player stats. Also, why are all the choices french canadians or ex-canadiens? Can't we just focus on having a good coach in montreal rather than a french speaking one? I guess I'm the only one getting sick of threads started about "we should get this french speaking player" or "we should get this french speaking coach". My vote would have been for Dave Lewis but I guess he doesn't meet the criteria for this poll so I went with Robinson who also would be an excellant assistant coach.

Of course, the guy doesn't have to be a French Quebecer. Carbo and Gainey seems to want an ex-Hab player. So, there is many French Quebecer who might be available. Ludwig, Muller and Robinson vs Tremblay, Savard or whoever. There as much anglos than francos who could do the job. They will pick the one they judge the best for the job. But it's gonna be an ex-Hab (or ex-Dallas Star) for sure !

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