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01-07-2013, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by SJGoalie32 View Post
After the MLB strike in 1994, I implemented a self-imposed 2-year boycott from the league.

However, as a Sharks season ticket holder who splits a package with others, they have my money already, so I can't afford a full-on boycott. And if I drop my share next season, that will just create a big financial burden on my partners/friends. I'm not willing to leave my buddies on the hook for extra thousands of dollars, so I will be going to games this year. And truth be told, I still do want to go to a couple anyway.

But unlike in past years where I would go to as many games as I could and readily take on more tickets when others couldn't go.....not this time. I'm going fire sale on my tix this year. Gonna sell off as many tickets as I can and will refuse to pick up any extras.

I've made lots of efforts over the last 20 years to go to as many games as I could. I've worked my schedule around games I wanted to see, skipped out on or left early from family/friend gatherings to get to games, and made several sacrifices of other things in my budget so I could afford to go to games. I did that mostly because I love hockey, but also because I wanted to support the Sharks and the NHL.

Not anymore. I'm still going to go to a handful of games per season because I love the Sharks, but not with the same vigor or zeal. I'm not going to make those same compromises to my schedule or finances that I used to. I'm still going to watch and attend, but I'm going to put far less effort into going to games, far more effort into avoiding tickets, and far more effort into avoiding concessions and merchandise (Already had an NHL-free Xmas holiday this year, going to try to do it again for 2013 at least).

So that'll be MY version of a boycott. It's not a full one, the NHL will still get my money, but it's going to be quite a bit less of it. Where the league once had a staunch defender and advocate in myself, I will now strive to do as much as I can to purposefully damage them financially.

I still love hockey at the highest levels, but now I can't stand the NHL. Hockey is still the greatest sport in the world, but it's clear to me now that the NHL is the biggest joke of a professional sports league in NA sports, and it fully deserves to be treated and ridiculed as such.
You brought the baseball strike up (another D. Fehr production interestingly). That's when I gave up on baseball and found San Jose had been given an NHL franchise. I've never gone back to being a baseball fan, unless being a fan means watching the Giants or A's only when they are in the playoffs. I found hockey players were more accessable to fans, the game hadn't had a ton of labor unrest and my players on my team would stay for long periods. 20 years later hockey is just as bad as any other sport and the players already with the third highest salaries in pro-sports with a much smaller revenue base, wanted more. Just like the baseball strike in the early 90's.

I'm still a hockey fan and not a baseball fan.

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