Thread: Line Combos: 2012-2013 Possible Line Combos
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01-07-2013, 03:42 PM
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For whatever reason in the Falcons thread there is a discussion going on about the first line.

Blah made the following comment:

"We got a bunch of top six players, just none of them are either ready for or capable of top line duty. That top line will be pretty patch work. At least they should compete."

What I take from this is that he doesn't see a for sure set in stone these guys are our 1st line. I tend to agree.

What I wonder about is if we don't have solid first liners, how will they be able to compete? Chances are good one of the top two lines will be matched with the ops #1 a fair amount of time.

It will be like we are throwing two #2 (with some hint of 3rd line characteristics) lines out there.

While I'm sure the usual positive thinkers will refute automatically and proclaim we are only good goal tending away from the Cup, I think this point warrants discussion.


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