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Originally Posted by Avs_19 View Post
Guy works for Meehan's Newport Management firm.

What's wrong with Walsh?
I realized that my phrasing may have indicated that Walsh was someone who would "make stuff up" which he may or may not be, but that wasn't my intention.

My intention was to call out Walsh as being respectable, because I don't think he has an OUNCE of respect after the shenanigans he provided during the Lockout.

The man took every little thing the NHL did and literally attempted to make mountains of...well I would say "molehills" but a lot of the stuff were so minuscule that they wouldn't be "molehills".

For instance, when Bettman had suggested that he and Fehr step away and allow the Owners and Players to have direct dialogue, and what resulted were 3 days of intense negotiations, when the PA wanted to bring Fehr back in, the Owners said that it was a dealbreaker to the Owners/Players meeting dynamic only. What did Walsh do? Attempt to paint the NHL and Bettman as saying that bringing Fehr back in was a dealbreaker to the ENTIRE CBA Negotiation process. The man is just a smarmy rat in my opinion.

I understand which side he would undoubtedly be on, but there are PLENTY of NHL Agents on Twitter, and none of them did the kind of stuff that Walsh did, it is my hope that after the CBA is signed that he somehow is without a job representing anyone in the NHL.

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