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01-07-2013, 03:46 PM
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What a ridiculous poll. 51-6 in favor of the Oilers? I understand that this is the Oilers board and all but man, the homerism is at an all time high. We have been hearing the last 2 offseasons about how the Oilers are poised to pass the Flames and they haven't even come close yet. While the Flames have pretty much stagnated, they still have a veteran team that has learned how to just miss the playoffs and be no better or worse so i expect them to be on the bubble again.

I'll reiterate again that the Oilers have so many question marks moreso than most teams in the league. The D has potential to be a real disaster, Smid and Petry have had only had one real good season (Petry only half a season really), who knows what we're going to get from Whitney, Schultz has never played an NHL game, Nick Schultz is ok but hardly a game changer and there is nothing at #6. This isn't even taking into account the inevitable injuries that hit then we're stuck with Teubert and Peckham playing minutes and that's only if 1 injury hits and if multiple injuries hit, one of them will be in the top 4.
Dubnyk is still a question mark now that he's the main man for the first time and there is an alarming lack of grit on the team offensively and defensively and a lack of 2 way play amongst the forwards.

I do see the team improving and they will be a ton of fun to watch win or lose but i just don't see this as a playoff team or even better than Calgary at this point. They have certainly done nothing to achieve all the hype that they seem to be receiving not only here but also on the main board surprisingly and amongst TV analysts.
Sure it's possible that they break out this season but i'm in "I'll believe it when i see it" mode.

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