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Originally Posted by Numbers View Post
If the trade proposal by real life GM's is similar to what is imagined here, it would be smart for Canucks to hold Luongo until trade deadline. I heard this concept mentioned on TSN's game on as well. Goalie controversy or not, both are still very good starters and it will not hurt Vancouver in net any given night. May as well wait for injuries, slow starts, disappointing finishes and whatever else to take place over the next couple of months, and we all know there will be examples of this there are every year. Waiting it out will surely be worth the extra value, because trade options on these board do not offer that much. And if Luongo plays great, why not entertain a possibility for trading Schneider? Really it does not seem out of the question. The only sure thing right now is that Vancouver for this season is just fine in regards for Cap. They have great goaltending, very good defence, and a solid group of veteran forwards. I say forget it Vancouver can take its chances with their current lineup to start the season
I agree with this. Theres a higher chance that Luongo will come to camp motivated to win back his job and thereby increase his value. Besides, they have Schneider locked up for longer than this season so there isn't a risk of him leaving.

We all know Luongo plays his best when he has a fire up his ass. I'd bet that he comes back with a vengeance this season.

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