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Originally Posted by Fedorov View Post
I may be wrong but I don't think Islanders are actually paying Yashin. He's already been paid. The CAP hit just stays on the books based on buyout rules. Why not file the paperwork get that money off the cap then actually sign someone that will contribute?

Of course that all means nothing if Yashin is actually getting paid this 2.5 mill a season but I don't think that is the way it works.

Also like above not sure the leauge would allow clearing a pre-existing buyout but if I was snow I would be making a phone call.
I think you are wrong. The last lockout buyout, called for teams to pay players 2/3 of their remaining contract, over twice the length of their remaining yrs.

For example : a player with 4 yrs/$24m left on his contract, would be paid $16m over an 8 yr period.

I'm pretty sure the isles are still paying Yashin $2.2m per.

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