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01-07-2013, 04:19 PM
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Originally Posted by zbubble View Post
He's also better than half the league in throwing interceptions and losing games. Let's not leave those important stats out too.
His INT's went down by 7. With the same TD's. that is a bit encouraging. I know he's thrown INT's with the game on the line but what about the D not showing up for tennessee and the second NE game?(He did his part to win those days, they didn't) The Rams game was bad but I still blame Gailey, the whole 2nd half they abandoned Spiller(like in the 4th in Indy and the 2nd half in Houston) The only game I really was mad was the Miami game. Though, Johnson's early fumble may have changed the whol complexion. The blowouts to me are on the whole team.

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