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01-07-2013, 04:27 PM
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Originally Posted by t0mf00lery View Post
Imagine the apoplexy on this board if they finish last again.
I'm picking them for a definite playoff spot... but if they do crap the bed again and finish bottom of the pack... so be it.

In a shortened season like this, we won't be subjected to the long mid-season doldrums of suck like in past years and they'll likely get to draft a MacKinnon/Jones/Barkov type talent if they finish near the basement. I could live with that as well in such a great draft year.

This season will likely be regarded by many as being "not legit" anyway so when they do finish with a playoff spot they won't be given any respect for it by other fanbases (not that it actually matters).

Either way though... this regular season is going to go by pretty fast... ~50 games compressed into 3 months or so. There won't be a lot of down time and whether they suck or they are surprisingly good, the season should fly by fairly quickly without many off days.

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