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Originally Posted by apice3 View Post
Lou has something up his sleeve. There's no doubt in my mind. Either he plans on acquiring a 1st rounder in the next two years, or he plans on exploiting this new CBA like your Saints did with the bounty scandal. They actually won the case, IIRC, because the new CBA said something along the lines of legal action can not be applied to anything that happened under the previous CBA. Something like that.

Either that or Lou is simply planning for a huge roster change (with pretty much all of our team going UFA within the next two years) and is stocking up on assets in preparation.
I hope he has something up his sleeve. It wouldn't surprise me if he hired a team of lawyers to go against the "bogus" decision that was made a couple of years ago... Who knows.

Lou is just too smart to let this slide whitout a valid reason or a fight. I hope you're right and Lou will unleash hell with some legal mumbo jumbo that will erase the most "grey area" decision that was made by any commissionner of any league, whitout needing any proof to justify his actions.

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