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01-07-2013, 05:04 PM
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Originally Posted by colchar View Post
A straw man is a fallacy in which the opponent's position is misrepresented and replaced with something that is superficially similar. Whether the misrepresentation is factual or not is irrelevant.
Yes, and this applies to what he has been doing. He created a separate argument, ignoring the one I've actually made and attempts to apply it as a logical retort. He is defeating his own argument, not mine.

Originally Posted by New Liskeard View Post
Excellent, so you do realize now that it was not a straw man argument. Odd why you would post the definition and then contradict yourself later? Why not just keep him; makes things easier for everyone involved.
No, it is. You have yet to actually refute my original point from over a page ago. And believe me, we would be happy to. For some reason people keep telling us we have to move him.

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