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Originally Posted by vinnybaby View Post
Meh, he was a 3rd pairing defenseman in Toronto and he still scored over 20 points and was at a 30 point pace, playing 2nd unit power play minutes. Nobody is trying to pawn him off for quality. Have Canuck fans not been saying a #7 RHD is currently a hole that they would like to fill?

No... We need a top 4 RHD. Only Bieksa and Tanev are RH's on the Canucks currently. Tanev may or may not be ready for top 4 minutes this season.

Leaf fans are simply giving you what you want. Canuck fans claim your team is in need of a 3C(one that can cover the 2nd line until Kesler returns) yet Bozak/Connolly have no appeal to Canuck fans. Canucks fans claim your team is in need of a top-6 RW, but Clarke MacArthur isn't a good enough piece. You want a #7 RHD, but Franson isn't a fit in Vancouver. Leafs fans are actually giving Canuck fans what they want

Bozak/Connolly would be fine as a 2C fill in. But you don't trade elite talent for a 2 month filler. Neither of them are 3C's on a Cup contender.

We already have 2 full lines of MacArthur's. He is not an upgrade on any of our 2/3 tweeners.

With the Versteeg vs. MacArthur/Kulemin comparison. It really is what have you done for me lately. The Leafs had all 3 and felt Versteeg was the most expendable, that should count for something.
Safe to say Leaf fans are NOT giving Canuck fans what they want.

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