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Originally Posted by solo16 View Post
Your right. I misread your post at first. Thought you wanted all of them. Forgot to edit the last sentence. Well tbh what is a 1st worth? Depends on the year depends on high the first is. I just using it as a mythical benchmark.

Consider the 20th first round pick to be roughly worth Darren Helm or Sheahan (sure they are both debatable but I'm comfortable with their value right around there). I think Tyler Meyers is worth 3 maybe 4 20th first round picks in an average draft. I think Smith is worth 1.5 to 2. (I consider Smith to be worth similar to McDonagh (though you can argue that forever)).
Smith has nowhere near enough experience at the nhl level for me to attach that great of value to him yet-its all just opinion really. I would never compare Myers to Lidstrom but is getting your next 20 years of a franchise defenseman worth that 5 1st value to you guys as an organization? Especially considering you did it without giving up any huge roster pieces, nyquist, tatar,pulk,sproul, jankronk etc??? Its not as if that trade would deplete your farm and you'd get at least what 10 years of Myers control?

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