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Originally Posted by DuckNoire View Post
Quick noob question: The Training Cards for Positioning...are they actually useful? Because you can just play an LW as C or whatever without the card...or does it improve the player?

EDIT: And another question - if a player is injured, does the injury heal off or do you have to spend Injury cards on him?
You don't have to use the Position Switch cards but they help with Chemistry which helps your players perform better. And it looks nicer/neater. For example I have my Forwards on my team change team'ed to the Oilers and Defence and Goaltenders changed to the Senators and all the Left Side players as LW'ers, Center players as Centers and the rest to make the chemistry be the best as possible. I have about 97 Chemistry or so. It is a bit pricy on some for the position cards but I like to do it but you wont totally suck with out them.

Yes, you have to spend pucks on the Injury Cards to get the injury off if you want to play with them that is. It isn't that bad as most are cheap. Getting the "Any Injury" consumable is the easiest but most can be bought for $150 and lower.

Hope this helped!

Originally Posted by Eple View Post
Do you guys experience crazy streaks in this game? It's f&%%ng frustrating when first you win 10 games in a row, scoring goals with minimal effort, and the next thing you know, you got a 6 game losing streak going on, with no bounces coming your way and scoring a goal is impossible. This is me today. And this is not the first time this is not happening to me, this is just the most glaring example. I mean cmon, I went 10-0-0 and then six next 0-5-1. And I checked that the the games I won were against better opponents too. It's ridiculous and sometimes makes me want to break my copy.
Yup. All the time. My confidence is shot to which makes me perform sh*tty when I get on a loosing streak. I usually always have an unlucky goal go in on me or them poking it in on the Goaltender which is a load oh bullcrap....

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