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Originally Posted by Caustic View Post
Vancouver fan coming in peace.

Honestly, Luongo would be the best thing that happened to Toronto in a long time. I've watched the guy for years and while I will admit sometimes we've been left scratching our head over how he's been unable to step his game up in the playoffs, he has been the best goalie we've ever had and has brought Vancouver a long way since his arrival.

Here are the facts:

1) His contract is long, but it is very reasonable for a goalie of his calibre. Try getting any other goalie with his stats for just over 5m. Good luck.
2) He is very competitive, and pushes his teammates to be so.
3) He's just a damn good goalie. He's so fun to watch.

1) He's not getting any younger, and the question mark is when he will start his decline. No sign of it yet though.
2) He can get rattled in high-stress situations. Playoffs especially.
3) Toronto would have to give up some talent to get him.

Luongo would bring Toronto stability in goal which you guys have lacked for some time. You'd still need to shore up your D a bit, but with these tweaks I'd almost guarantee Toronto finally makes the playoffs and might actually cause other teams to sweat a bit. Contend for the cup? Probably not... but I promise you'd see a far more competitive team you can be proud to stand behind.

If Burke wants Toronto to succeed now, Luongo is the best option available. The only question in my mind is what it would take for Toronto to get him. Vancouver is not in the best bargaining position now that we've signed Schneider, and other GM's know this. There is also a limited amount of teams that require a #1 goalie. They know this too. Also, looking over the Toronto roster I really don't see a ton of players Vancouver would want or need... except maybe Bozak - but only because Kesler's return is unknown.

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