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Originally Posted by patp77
/vent on

Not sure if anyone else brought this up recently but is anyone else really frustrated with Carolina being in the finals? I mean, I get the feeling right now that I would prefer seeing any other team (including Boston) than Carolina (ok.. the Leafs still are the one team I would hate more) in the finals. I probably wouldn't feel this way if it weren't for the fact that they took out our team captain which really felt like a turning point in the series this year as well as the fact that they beat us in the quarter finals in 2003. I really am starting to just hate Carolina almost as much as the Leafs lately.

So is it just me?

/vent off

I think I hate a team more because of its fans than because they eliminate us. That's why I hate the Leafs and Ruins. So for one thing I find it hard to get mad at a team that doesn't have any fans. But more importantly, when a team eliminates us I get mad with our own people for not putting together a good enough team to win. I see no benefit in hating a team that eliminates us when they are the better team. You see, even though we did outplay carolina this time around, they are certainly more complete and have more of the elements required to win. When we are truly a competitive in 2 years, then it'll be time to look elsewhere.

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