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Originally Posted by Alklha View Post
I don't think anyone disagrees with the sentiment of what you are saying, we need to be financially responsible and that will make some things difficult for us. However, you can't break down how it is going to be possible in reality, because it simply isn't without alienating fans.

Even if we trade Stewart and D'Agostini for futures, plus let McDonald, Langenbrunner, Nichol and Porter leave to UFA, we are still looking at over $47m with 6 spots to fill. Sure, we can put Jaškin and Rattie in and it is $49m with 4 spots to fill. But we would be seriously risking their development and we would be icing a massively weaker team, with next to no depth, next season.

Players salaries are not going to suddenly plummet. The cap is what it was last year, and will be the same again next year. Even is we say that the League grows at 5% p/a (it averaged over 7% p/a over the course of the last CBA), then the cap will drop in 2014/15 to $63m before going north of $65m the following season. If the Coyotes move to Canada, then you can expect a much more significant rise than just 5%. Teams, players and agents know these numbers, so I don't see salaries dropping by anything meaningful.

Ticket prices are going to have to rise further next season. Also, I think that management has to try and find a way to get the City to start giving the team the same breaks that the Rams and Cardinals enjoy. It is bad enough that 1 hand is tied because of the stupidity of Checketts, without the City having the other. I'm not sure the City will budge unless there is a very real chance of the Blues leaving St. Louis though.
Exactly this. If you strip the team of its competitive depth simply because of business reasons, you shouldn't expect fans to come out in droves to see and inferior product...which ultimately hurts the bottom line. There's a balance that can be struck, and good management is required to find that balance. Thankfully, this current managing group has shown itself to be very good.

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